Why Part-Time Job is Essential for International Students in Canada

Choosing to study in Canada possibly means choosing to begin a whole new chapter for yourself and to remold your future in a positive and good way. One of the major things you need to know about studying abroad is that the tuition fee is always higher especially for international students. These should not distract you or stop you from studying abroad. The major reason why people choose to study abroad, more especially in Canada is simple; a higher quality of education and secondly, the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada after graduation.

The Canadian government knows that the tuition fees are expensive and they can’t control them, so they put programs in place for international students who want to work and earn salaries to sustain them. International students in Canada now have the option to do part-time work which will aid them to meet their educational and daily living expenses to a particular extent. Aside from their daily living expenses, it helps them to secure valuable Canadian work experience, which will become useful in the future.

A Canadian study permit may allow an individual to work up to 20 hours per week. Students admitted for intensive courses may choose to work lesser hours. at least 12 hours a week so that the job won’t affect their studies.

As an international student, you are being paid per hour for a part-time job. The average hourly pay is around $10. For an individual to work part-time outside the campus, the students need to obtain an off-campus work permit after studying for six months.


Benefits of Working Part-Time Job as an International Student

Working and studying is compulsory for numerous students but a voluntary decision for others. If you belong to the fortunate few who feel they don’t actually need a job to survive, you might need to change your mind…Here is why. There are actually numerous benefits of working part-time jobs during your college/university years. They might not actually be glamorous or high paying but they have benefits. Below are the benefits of part-time jobs as an international student.

1. You Earn Extra Cash

This is probably the best reason, there’s no better reason to secure a part-time job than earning some extra cash. Working as a student gives you the privilege to afford little luxuries such as hanging with your friends and others. You can also be able to save up some cash and put it towards your tuition fee.

2. Learn Financial Management

When you begin earning money on your own, you tend to become more cautious and careful about how you spend your hard-earned money. It also helps you build up long-term savings and also teaches you financial management from a young age.

3. You Gain Experience and Transferable Skills

You are actually paying to study at school but with a part-time job, you will get paid to learn at work. At a point in time, you become a master at whatever job you’re doing adding experience that will definitely be of help in the nearest future. A part-time job will teach you skills that even a university or college degree won’t teach you.

Other benefits of part-time jobs are

  • You will develop interpersonal skills
  • You will learn to improve your time management skills
  • It will definitely provide opportunities for networking
  • It makes you more confident
  • Make new friends
  • A part-time job gives you a steady routine which makes you healthy.

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