What To Know About Canadian Business Immigration Program

What Canadian Business Immigration Program intends, is to make new open doors in the labor market, by receiving the individuals who have the ability and experience to help develop it.

The different business programs and visas are intended to help advance and build up Canada’s economy by pulling in business-minded people, the independently employed, businesspersons and financial specialists or investors who are not yet Canadian citizens. As of now, there are four Business Immigration Programs streams accessible, these are the:

  • Financial specialists (Investors)
  • Business visionaries
  • Independently employed Persons
  • Business Visitor Visa

Prerequisites for Investors

  • To meet all requirements for the Immigrant Investor Program, candidates must:
  • Have effectively worked, controlled or coordinated a business
  • Have amassed through his or her very own efforts a total asset of about $1,600,000
  • Have Contributed $800,000 for a long time with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada which represents the provincial and territorial investment funds or venture reserves.

Necessities for Entrepreneurs


To fit the bill for the Entrepreneur Program, candidates must:

  • Build up, buy or make a generous interest in a business in Canada inside 2 years of arriving in Canada which will result in a critical contribution to the economy
  • Take part in an active and progressing participation in the administration and management of the business
  • Employ at least a Canadian citizen or permanent inhabitant other than the business visionary and his dependents.

Independently employed (Self-Employed) Persons Program

  • This business immigration stream is for two kinds of independently employed people:
  • The individuals who will either set up or buy a business in Canada that will make a “huge” commitment to the economy or the social or masterful existence of Canada and;
  • Those that have experience and involvement in farm or farmhouse management and will most likely buy and deal with a farm or ranch in Canada.

Business Visitor Visa

This type of visa is for business people who plan to remain temporarily in Canada so as to take part in intercontinental business markets by developing, contributing or making business associations and connections.

The Business Visitor Visa is for potential applicants who meet certain prerequisites and don’t expect to affect straightforwardly on the Canadian labor market.

Who Qualifies for a Canada Business Visa?

Canada offers gigantic chances to outsiders who wish to work together in Canada. Consistently, a large number of aggressively ambitious businessmen enter the shores of Canada and there is positively no reason behind why you cannot be among them.

The target of the Business Immigration Program is to support investments and employment in Canada through the immigration of different people who can effectively build up or put resources into a business in Canada.



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