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International students around the world looking to study at McGill University with a scholarship will find this post very relevant. McGill University is one of the top schools in Canada providing quality learning, a standard academic environment, and structure.

Each year, thousands of international and domestic students apply to study in the university which comes as no surprise. The university itself boasts of reputable alumni and has produced 12 Nobel Laureates, 3 Canadian Prime Ministers, 142 Rhodes Scholars, 13 Canadian Supreme Court Justices, 4 foreign leaders, 11 Grammy Award winners, 28 Olympic medalists, plus many more.

The universities are very selective and picky when it comes to accepting students. With a low acceptance rate of 43%, you would need to have an outstanding academic record or put out great academic performances to merit admission into this university.

There are over 27,000 undergraduate, 9,500 postgraduate, and 5,000 academic and administrative staff. They offer over 340 programs for undergraduate students, and 250 graduate and doctoral course programs available for students to pick from.


McGill University has the highest acceptance rate for international students and they provide financial aids and scholarships to help international students finance their fees. Scholarships are usually given to qualified students when they first gain admission to the university.

You’d find different types of scholarships offered to international students and we have listed some of them below.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Major Entrance Scholarship Award

Scholarship Details: Entrance scholarships for international students taking a course program at McGill University. The scholarship is awarded based on academic performance and achievements, and outstanding leadership skills. To apply, applicants are required to submit a separate form or application after they become students at the university. Students who did not receive the Major Entrance Scholarship award will automatically be eligible and considered for a One-Year Entrance Scholarship.

Award: $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $12,000 renewable. The 12,000 is mainly for Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada

Other Undergraduate Scholarship

  1. One-year Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: 3,000
  2. Dr. Soo Kim Lan Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: 2,000
  3. MCCall Macbain Prestige Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: 10,000
  4. Arthur and Crystal Lau Scholarships – Scholarship Award: 2,000
  5. McGill Faculty Major Entrance Bursaries – Scholarship Award: 10,000
  6. Sham Chellaram Entrance Scholarship – Scholarship Award: Varies

Faculty-Specific Entrance Scholarships

Some faculty at the university also offers scholarships to new intakes in the department or faculty. Faculties like Music, Dentistry, Law, and Medicine have in the past offered part-time scholarships to new students at the department. The department is responsible for the requirements and if in any case you change or switch faculty, the scholarship, you will lose the scholarship as it is not transferable.

Award: Specified by the faculty


Other Faculty-Specific Scholarships

  1. Chandra Madramootoo Scholarship – Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science (Varies)
  2. CAE Scholarship in Engineering Excellence – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Mechanical Engineering 2,000 (minimum value)
  3. A.S. Lamb Scholarships – Faculty of Education (Value: Varies)
  4. Hope Barrington Scholarship – Faculty of Arts (2,000)
  5. Leslie Family Scholarship in Engineering – Faculty of Engineering (2,700)

Need-Based Scholarships

A need-based scholarship is for applicants or students who do not have the finance to fund their studies abroad. Eligible applicants are those who demonstrate financial need. After you have received an admission, you will need to send a letter to the university demonstrating you are financially incapable pay your tuition fee.

Award: will be determined by the school.

Graduate Scholarships

Stravros S. Niarchos Foundation Scholarships for Excellence in Graduate Education (Master’s)

This scholarships focuses mainly on international students from Greece, and are currently doing their masters program at the university, or have just secured an admission to the school.

Award: Approximately $34,000 to cover tuition, travel, and living expenses

Vanier Scholarships (Ph.D)

This is a scholarship for postgraduate students who are enrolled for a doctoral course program at McGill University. The scholarship awards over $50,000 to qualified Postgraduate students each year for a duration of 3 years. Applicants are to submit an application before September 21st of every year.

Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students (Ph.D, PostDoc)

Also for Postgraduate students from any part for the world. To apply for this scholarship, students are required to submit a pre-selection application to the academic unit before the deadline June 29th. The scholarship award is listed below:

Scholarship Amount

Doctoral- $25,000 a year

Postdoctoral- $35,000 a year

Short Term Research- $3,000 a month


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