Study In Australia

An international student interested in studying in Australia must first apply to an institution in Australia, then apply for a student visa.

The student visa permits him or her to enter the country. You can only apply for a student visa when your application to the institution is successful.

Obtaining a student visa to Australia requires the applicant to enrol in a course that is generally accepted and recognized in the country. The course selected by the student must stretch for a period of at least 12 weeks or more.

The student visa you will obtain must cover the length or period of time you intend to stay in the country. Which means it will cover both vacation and the duration of study for your selected course.


If your course of study is for a period of six months, the student visa should have a duration of at least eight months or more. The extra days are to cover for both the holidays and other things.

-One of the most important advantages of a student visa is that;

  1. It does not have any age limit for candidates.
  2. An English Test will not be required to prove your proficiency in English Language and lastly.
  3. A candidate with a student visa can be accompanied by his or her spouse.
    Study In Australia

Why Study In Australia

Students who study in Australia especially international students have the opportunity for quality education and a chance to gain a widely recognized certificate.

As an international student studying in Australia, you stand a better chance to learn, live, grow and have fun while studying, the country provides a friendly and secure environment for learning with great job opportunities.

Steps to Study In Australia

The steps below show how you can successfully enter Australia for studies.

Step One: Which course and Institution do wish to go?

The first step is to choose which course you wish to study make the necessary research about the course and then choose which institution you which to apply to.

Be sure to research about the fees, the duration for the course and then check to see if the school has been approved to take international students.

Step Two: Submit your Application


You must officially apply to the school for you to be accepted for that course.

Step Three: Receiving An Acceptance Letter

The school sends you a letter after you apply to inform you whether your application was successful or not successful. If it is successful, you will be required to accept the admission. Afterwards, you receive an electronic confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE).

Step Three: Apply For A Student Visa

After you must have settled or completed the admission processes, the next thing is to apply for a student visa. The duration of the student visa will depend on the course of study and the period it would take to complete all necessary requirements for the school both at the entry-level and the concluding period.

Step Four: Travel To Australia

The last step is to travel abroad with all the required documents including the confirmation of the admission letter.


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