Quebec Set To Attract Foreign Teachers To Address Current Shortage

Are you a teacher, and you want to immigrate to Canada this year or the next two years? If yes, then you are in luck, there is a current shortage of teachers in Quebec and the government of Quebec hopes to address the issue by attracting and inviting foreign teachers to the province and also offering them a pathway to permanent residency.

Quebec operates an entirely different immigration process from other provinces in Canada and it is also one of the few provinces using French as the official language. So if have read some article about immigrating to other provinces in Canada that is not Quebec, then you may see some differences with regards to immigration. If you are looking to move to Quebec, then you French-speaking abilities must be top-notch, and you have to write and score at least 7 points in a French Language Test.

The Minister for Education and Higher Education in Quebec earlier this year stated that one of the major concerns for the province this year is lack of manpower in the teacher occupation, and also a shortage of teachers has gone up. To address this issue the Ministry of Education introduced a new campaign to target teachers and would-be teachers to the province.

How to Immigrate to Quebec as a Teacher


Just like other provinces, Quebec has a skilled worker program created specifically to attract and keep skilled workers in the province. Although there might be a slight difference in the requirements, the skilled program generally serves the same purpose throughout the provinces.

Quebec has a selection grid slightly different from the Federal Express Entry, but still performs a duty of ranking candidates suited for Quebec immigrations based on some factors. To immigrate to Quebec using the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, you must score at least 50 points of the selection grid factors.

Factors For Ranking Candidates on the Selection Grid

  • Level of education attained;
  • Working experience of not less than three years;
  • Your Age is also a factor, and you need to be between 21 to 35 to score high;
  • French Language proficiency, although the English Language may be needed too, the French language is enough;
  • Another factor that will boost your chances is having a close relative who resides in Quebec or you reside in Quebec yourself;
  • A job offer may sometimes be required, and it could help you rank;
  • Prove that you have the financial capability to take care of yourself for at least a year.

If you score high and above or exactly the cut-off point required for eligibility, you will be invited to apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Afterward, your application will be processed within 90 days and you will be able to immigrate.


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