Main Reasons Why Your Student Visa Application Is Been Refused

When you apply for a study permit, you should have in mind that your application could be refused. This could be due to the complicated procedure involved.

The rules and regulation for these applications are very strict and confusing and an awkward and costly intrigue procedure combined with the absence of straightforwardness all through.

There are so many reasons why your study permit application may be refused and they are often times explained, that is, if your application is refused, the reasons are usually stated on the refusal letter sent to you.

Some of the top reasons that could cause your application to be refused are:

When there is no means of proving that you can financially support yourself. If IRCC is not convinced that the money you have cannot sustain you during your stay in Canada, your application will be turned down or refused.


If the Canadian officials are not convinced that you will leave the country after your studies or when your program duration expires your visa will be rejected or refused. So during your application, you must convince the visa officer that you would leave Canada after your studies.

When you have an unclear or a very confusing program of choice, your visa might be rejected. The visa officer can reject your application if he or she doesn’t understand how your program of choice works.

For instance, you have a B.Eng and some experience working as an Engineer in your home country and then you want to study law in Canada. The program chosen is clearly not aligned with the candidates’ employment or educational background.

Another thing that could cause a visa to be denied or refused is your acceptance letter and how legit it is. If the school that issues the acceptance letter does not fall under the Designated Learning Institutions authorized to take foreign students, then your application will be refused.

One more thing that can cause visa refusal is incomplete documents or unclear documents.

What Do I Do When My Visa Is Refused?

If your application for a student permit or visa is refused, the reasons for the refusal will be stated in a letter that will be issued to you by the visa officer to the candidates involved.

Inside this letter, the visa officer will state the reason(s) for refusal from a rundown of pre-decided conceivable outcomes. This reasons for refusal gives just essential data with respect to the justification for the refusal.

If the applicant does not agree with the reasons for refusal or believes the reasons for one thing or another is invalid, the person can appeal for reconsideration.

In this situation, the applicant will have to reach the school to ask for more additional time to the intended start date because both the appeal process and the resubmission take up a huge amount of time.


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