International Scholarships Available For African Students around the World Including Canada

If you are from Africa and you have been in search of a scholarship to study in Canada, the US, and Europe, then read on because you will probably one or two scholarships for Africans to apply for. So many countries in Africa are regarded as developing or are categorized as under-developed, and countries like Canada, the U.S., and others in Europe provide thousands of scholarships and financial aids for developing nations.

The scholarship listed below are provided by the government and private organizations, it also includes universities and commonwealth scholarships.

Scholarships to Study Anywhere in World

Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund

This is scholarship funding for graduate students who are doing a master’s degree program in any course program relating to disease control in Africa. Qualified or successful candidates can choose to study at any of the universities London’s Institute of Tropical Medicine, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, or Nagasaki University in Japan. They can also study at any university offering courses relating to disease control in Africa.


Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

This scholarship is available to main candidates who are from any of the commonwealth countries. Successful candidates are eligible to study at any of the universities in the UK or anywhere else in the world, however, it can also be done by distance learning arrangement meaning that you can study in these universities from your home country online.

The Beit Trust Scholarships

This scholarship is specifically for candidates from Malawi, Zambia, or Zimbabwe looking to do their master’s degree or doctorate degree program in the UK, Ireland, or South Africa and in a recognized university. Applicants for this scholarship must first secure admission at a reputable school in the above-mentioned countries before applying for the Breit Trust Scholarships.

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships

This is a need-based scholarship for international African students who demonstrate a lack of proper funds to finance their studies. The scholarship allows international students from developing countries such as African Nations to gain academic and tuition funding to finance their studies in their home country or anywhere in the developed or developing world.

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

African women looking to study a computer science, computer engineering or related tech field programs in Europe or the Middle East, are welcomed to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship funding is provided for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate level programs.

Rotary Peace Fellowships


Rarely will you find a scholarship that covers your full-tuition cost, accommodation, transportation, and other related academic expenses which is what you get with the Rotary Peace Fellowship? Applicants for this scholarship must be applying for a master’s program in one of the selected universities.

Scholarships in Africa for Africans

Mandela Rhodes Scholarships

This scholarship is available for African students who show or possess leadership qualities and skills, and have secured admission for a master’s degree program at a recognized university in South Africa.

The Graduate Institute Geneva

A scholarship for students who are academically unique and talented. You are eligible for this scholarship only based on merit and the tuition cost covers your accommodation, reduced tuition, and other academic packages

Jim Ovia Scholarship

Scholarship mainly for Nigerian students. The scholarship provides funding to undergraduate Nigerian students to study at a university in Nigeria. The scholarship covers your full tuition and maintenance allowances.

Scholarships in Asia for African Students

Master’s Degree ABE Initiative

Scholarship opportunity provided for students who are looking to do their masters degree program in japan.

Australia Awards Africa

This scholarship ia provided by the Australian government to help finance African students who are studying or have just recently secured admission in Australia.

Scholarships in Europe for Africans

VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships

If you are looking to study in Belgium with a fully-funded scholarship program then you should be applying for this scholarship.

Irish Aid Scholarship Program

This scholarship is provided for students from Tanzania to help them finance their masters program in Ireland.

Orange Knowledge Program

Some candidates from selected countries are legible to apply for a number of scholarships under this program. You have the opportunity to study in Netherland for free with this scholarship, however, you should fall under the category of mid-career professionals applying for higher and vocational education. Award: $3�[�


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