How to Immigrate to Ontario this Year

Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada if the biggest. It is the favorite place for many immigrants who are looking to travel to Canada. It is home to over 35% of the population in Canada with diverse culture and beliefs, also full of life, and has so many exciting places. Every year immigrants in their thousands move to Ontario for greener pastures. Although, I would advise that you apply to smaller provinces as it would boost your chances and reduce the competition, but the number of jobs created In Ontario alone cannot be compared to any other province in Canada.

Steps to Immigrate to Ontario

Ontario has its own Provincial Nominee Program (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) through which immigrants can move to the province. The program was created to specifically bring qualified skilled immigrants to Canada, create job opportunities, develop the province, improve the economy of Ontario, and also retain graduates who studied in Ontario.

Interested immigrants will first apply through the Canadian express entry program and then specify their interest to move to Ontario when applying. If they meet the requirements, they will be nominated to apply for permanent residency in Ontario. Applicants can also apply directly to Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program and if they qualify, they will be able to move directly to Ontario and start a good life.

Here are the Steps Involved for Express Entry Ontario

  • Create an Express Entry profile
  • Show Interest to move to Ontario, an instruction will be provided on the website for you to do this.
  • Provide necessary documents and be admissible to enter Canada.
  • If your application is accepted and you meet all the requirements, you will receive a nomination from Ontario. Here are some of the requirements that you should meet:
  • Work experience of at least 2 years or more within the last 5 years. You must provide valid proof of work experience and valid proof should include paid evidence and verifiable documents to
  • support you. Volunteer work experience will not be counted.
  • Have a job offer from an employer in Ontario. Here is the best way to get a job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • Proficiency in English or French language
  • For a student, you must be a graduate from one or more of Ontario schools
  • Have enough funds to sustain yourself in the first year in school
  • If you are outside Canada, you must provide other documents for visa application and if you are applying from within Canada, you must apply to have legal status to live and work in Canada before you apply.
  • Apply to the province and then prepare to immigrate.

Here are the Steps Involved for Provincial Nominee Program Canada


This is also another way you can immigrate to Ontario, live, work, invest, and base permanently in Ontario. Investors who wish to become permanent residents in Ontario, immigrants looking to work in Canada, and international students who wish to remain in Canada as permanent residents are all given an opportunity through this category.

Here are Active Streams Under the OINP

International Students Stream -: for international students who graduated from a verified school in Ontario, this stream will help you become a permanent resident if you want to.

Corporate Stream -: international corporations that wish to expand to Ontario can either buy an existing business in Ontario or open one through this stream. The important employees in this corporation can apply and are nominated for permanent residency in Ontario.

Entrepreneur Stream -: Business owners can own businesses in Canada too. As a business owner, you can open a new business or purchase one. After you have established a business, you become eligible for permanent residence in Canada.

Human Capital Priorities -: this stream is created to specifically invite applicants who have the right skill to fill up in-demand positions in Ontario. They must have an active express entry profile and are qualified to immigrate to Canada.


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