How Can I Bring My Spouse To Canada? The Spousal Sponsorship Program

The spousal Sponsorship Program enables adults who are permanent residents or citizens to sponsor a relative for Canadian immigration. It’s a sponsorship program that reunites families.

You can carry your non-Canadian spouse to the country, where he/she can similarly get permanent residency status. Regardless, there are a few principles and conditions, which you should meet as a sponsor to bring your spouse to Canada.

In this article, most of your inquiries regarding the route toward sponsoring your spouse to Canada and necessary visa programs, etc. will be attended to

The Spousal Sponsorship Program


Canada is a very welcoming country to immigrants and has easy rules set up for family reunification.

The federal government of Canada has expedited the spousal sponsorship procedure and necessity over the latest couple of years considering the immigrants in Canada.

Having said that you should know and seek after the current approach and meet the requirement to have the opportunity to sponsor your spouse to Canada.

Who is eligible to sponsor their spouse, relatives, or kid?

  • To be able to sponsor your spouse or kid, you:
  • must be 18 years’ old
  • You are a Canadian resident, a permanent resident of Canada, or an individual who joined up with Canada from their nation under the Canadian Act of their country.
  • In case you are a Canadian resident staying outside Canada, you need to show that you intend to live in Canada when the individuals you need to support become permanent residents.
  • You won’t be given the opportunity to sponsor someone if you are a permanent resident staying outside of Canada.
  • Can show that you are not tolerating social assistance for reasons other than a disability
  • You can give the fundamental necessities of any individuals (for instance spouse or kids here) you need to sponsor

The Preparing Time of Canada Spouse visa (Spousal Sponsorship Program)

  • If you are applying for the Spouse Visa via the Spousal Sponsorship Program in Canada, you may have to give biometrics with your application. The processing period of the spousal visa includes:
  • the period you need to give your biometrics
  • assessment of the sponsor and the individual being sponsored
  • the time we need to guarantee you meet eligibility requirements
  • Notwithstanding that the processing of the Spouse class visa takes around a year, nevertheless, it may change based on the following:
  • Kind of application submitted
  • if the application is completed
  • how rapidly we would like to process applications we’ve quite recently gotten
  • how successfully we can verify your information
  • on how fast you take to respond to any request for or concerns
  • other different factors

Who can be sponsored?

Through the Spousal Sponsorship program, you can sponsor your spouse, custom-based law accomplice, marital partner, or children.

1. Your Spouse

  • Your spouse can be either male or female and should be:
  • Legitimately married to you
  • Least 18 years’ old

2. Your common-based law accomplice


Your common-based law accomplice:

Not legitimately married to you

can be either sex

is least 18 years’ old

has been living with you for at least 12 months, which means you’ve been living respectively for 1 year in a marital relationship, with no extended periods apart

At whatever point, time spent away from each other should have been short and brief

In case you or your precedent-based law accomplice need to cut the relationship, you require giving proof of your customary law relationship.


3. Your marital accomplice

  • Your marital accomplice:
  • isn’t legitimately married to you or in a customary law relationship with you
  • can be either sex
  • 18 years’ old
  • has been associated with you for in any occasion 1 year
  • lives outside Canada
  • can’t live with you in their country of home or marry you considering enormous genuine and immigration reasons, for instance,
  • their conjugal status (for example, in spite of all that they’re married to someone else in a country where divorce is not possible)
  • their sexual bearing (for example, you are in the equivalent sex relationship, and same-sex relationship are not acceptable, or same-sex marriage is unlawful where they live),
  • mistreatment (for example, your relationship is between different religious gatherings which isn’t acceptable and they may be punished legitimately or socially)
  • You require giving confirmation that you were unable to live together or get married in your conjugal accomplice’s country. Instances are an affirmation of denied long term stays in each other’s country).

Sponsorship Fee?

  • Sponsorship fee is the cost to aid your spouse or companion to bring them to Canada. The cost is $CAN 1,040, which includes the following:
  • Sponsorship cost ($75),
  • Principal applicant processing cost ($475) and
  • Right of permanent residence cost ($490)

Is it necessary to consult a Visa Consultant to apply for a Spouse visa?

  • There are various perspectives and requirements to be seen when you are applying via the spousal sponsorship Program for a spousal visa. For instance, Qualification requirements for the
  • sponsor, prohibited nature conditions, stepwise procedure to apply, finance-related status checks, etc.
  • Accordingly, to deal with all such procedural viewpoints, it is advisable to take the administrations of a recognized and good Canadian immigration advisor.

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