Canada’s New Expression Of Interest. A Step To Permanent Residence

Candidates who are interested in becoming permanent residents in any of Canada’s provinces will first show their interest by submitting an expression of interest.

Submitting an Expression of interest is the first step an applicant has to take in order successfully apply and become a permanent resident in one of Canada’s provinces.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will accept candidates who show interest to immigrate through their program as a skilled worker living in Manitoba or a skilled worker living outside Canada.

Candidates who apply through the Manitoba PNP are required to answer a few questions about themselves and their interest to enter Canada so as to ensure that they meet the minimum criteria that makes them eligible to enter Canada.


Many of Canada’s provinces have adopted the Expression of interest system for their provincial nominee program replacing the former one which was first come first serve.

The candidates applying through the Manitoba PNP will have to submit just one Expression of Interest. Once an applicant submits an EOI (Expression of Interest), the applicant will be entered into the express entry pool.

Can an Applicant submit multiple Application?

Submissions can be done online, and each applicant can submit just one EOI for the program. While submitting your EOI, you will also be required to create a profile online, in which you would have to provide some information such as your educational qualification, work experience, language capability, and your skillset.

Each Expression of Interest submitted can only last for a year at most from the day of submission after which it becomes invalid. After you submit an EOI a letter will be sent to the candidate, this letter is called the “Letter of Advice to Apply”.

Applicants who do not receive this letter after 12 months of submitting their EOI will have to create another profile if they still have the interest to apply, any change made to your EOI will not change or extend the expiration date.

Applications will be accepted from applicants who have been sent the letter of Advice to Apply to prove that you have been selected from the EOI pool. Applications are collected strictly on invitation and only those with the highest scores will be sent this invitation.


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