Best ways to legally migrate to Canada

Dreaming of migrating to another country, to enjoy its diverse cultures, growth and enjoy yourself away from your home country, Canada is the place you want to consider.

Wandering why Canada should be topping your list?

It’s simple, Canada has got the right infrastructure, government policies and most importantly an ever growing economy.

Canada with its warmth to visitors, wonderful health system, and multicultural diversity is home for several skilled and unskilled individuals who are seeking to relocate to Canada for either permanent or temporary basis.


Moving abroad is an age long practice and people make this decision for several reasons.

It could be to go study, escape poverty and enhance their living standard or to experience improved health care.

No matter what your travel reasons are, know that there are several options to help you relocate legally to Canada without hassle.

Are you planning to relocate to Canada but don’t know how to go about it or maybe you’ve seen some of your friends and colleagues leave and you have no clue where to get started.

After reading this article, you will gain clarity on how to get started with making your dream of relocating to Canada very much possible.

Here are simple ways to legally relocate to Canada

As an international student: This is one sure way of moving to Canada legally, you get to be in Canada, enjoy its serenity and also enjoy quality education at the same time.

As an international student studying in Canada, your stay is legal and you are free to move around at will and sometimes allowed to work part time.

This helps you earn money to support yourself while still schooling. It’s also a bonus if you intend to remain in Canada after your study program is completed.


The pathways from student visa holder to Canadian permanent residency status are:

1- Choose a study program and use the admission letter to secure admission into an approved Canadian institution.

2- Work at least 20 hours during academic session and work full time during breaks.(As a student you have the right to work as an international student)

3- Bring in your spouse through a Canadian government program called open full-time work permit. Your spouse may work full time, without restriction.

4- Get your post graduate work permit after graduation. Every international student is entitled to a work permit for the number of years of their study program. Working as a student enables you to gather what is known as Canadian Work Experience.

You can use that to get your residency through the Canadian experience class (CEC).

Move to Canada as a Federal skilled worker:

Having an employable skill puts you at an advantage at all times.

Canadian government is always looking out for skilled workers to come to their country and help contribute to its growth.

Federal skilled worker is an immigration program, established by the Canadian government to welcome foreigners into Canada as permanent residents.

The applicants are selected based on their age, their education, their work experience, their test of English mark, their adaptability and the job offers in Canada.

If you score 67 points after the assessments, you can qualify through the program. The beauty of the program is that you can evaluate yourself to be sure you will score the pass mark before investing in the application process.

Getting a work permit

Securing a job is another way to legally migrate to Canada. According to, over 300,000 foreign workers come to Canada yearly.

Work permit is the easiest type of visa to secure as you would not be subjected to the scrutiny that a normal visitor or tourist visa applicant undergoes. It is almost guaranteed, you only need to have an employment letter from a company in Canada.

Send out applications to many companies and If these companies find your application interesting,they will likely invite you for a Skype based interview.

After a successful interview, an employment contract would be sent to you for your work permit application. Below is the pathway to securing a temporary work permit to Canada.

1- Secure a job by applying for jobs to Canadian companies through LinkedIn,CanadaJobs and so on.

2- Employers apply for Labour market impact assessment. If successful then;

3- Employer sends an employment letter.

4- You apply for a temporary work permit at the Canadian embassy in your country.

5- Work permit is issued.

Start up entrepreneur : If you have the resources and would want to migrate to Canada, starting up a business or entrepreneurship is the way to go.

You will have to prove that your startup idea is bankable and also show proof of financial capability.

Once the Canadian government is convinced with your submission, you will be allowed entrance into Canada.

Whichever way you prefer to move to Canada, there are certain general requirements you will need to put in place and without them you will be denied entry into Canada.

Visa : To enter Canada you will have to get a Canadian visa, this is like the permission given to you by the Canadian government to visit Canada for any reason.

Depending on your entry choice , there are several documents you will need in order to have a successful application.They include;

Valid international passport: You need to have an international passport that is still very much valid before you can start making plans to travel.

Medical Record: The Canadian government needs to be sure you are in good health without an ailment before they can allow you to enter their country.

No criminal records: If you’ve committed a crime recorded internationally, you are likely not eligible to enter Canada.

Admission letter from approved institution: If you plan to travel as an international student , you will need to get approval from a recognized institution before applying for a visa.

Financial Record: This is to show you are able to handle all your expenditure and take care of yourself while in Canada.

Once the documentation is right and Canada finds you worthy of entering their country, you will be issued a visa, with that you can book a flight and move smoothly and legally to Canada.

Note: If you are unable to convince the immigration officers at the point of entry, even with your visa, you can be denied entry into Canada.

Moving to Canada is quite easy but you will need to make sure all required documents are set.





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