Arriving In Canada During This COVID-19 Period

With the Canadian border currently closed to non-essential travels or visits, some immigrants and visa applicants looking to migrate to Canada are probably confused about their situation and current position on who is eligible to travel to Canada.

Some guidelines and Covid-19 related travel restrictions have been set aside for immigrants, refugees, or asylums who wish to come to Canada.

Some changes that have occurred due to the current crisis affecting international travel, includes extension dates for document submission and application submission date for those who have not submitted their applications yet.

However, those who have already submitted their applications and have been approved and have received a valid Confirmation of Permanent Resident card on/before/after March 18, 2020, will be allowed to travel to Canada immediately. You may also be allowed to travel to Canada If you are currently in the US and are coming to Canada directly.


Here are Qualified Persons Who Can Be Allowed to Cross The Canadian Boarder

  • Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents
  • International students attending a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and (schools which have a COVID-19 readiness plan)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Resident card (COPR) holders with a valid COPR who are residing in any country other than the United States
  • Applicants with special authorization to enter Canada
  • Direct family members of temporary residents in Canada with written authorization from IRCC
  • Direct family members of permanent residents in Canada traveling to Canada for non-discretionary reasons
  • Candidates or temporary workers who hold a valid work permit or who are approved for a work permit but have not yet been issued the work permit

What To Bear In Mind Before You Land In Canada

  • Aligned with the new travel rules and guidelines, all applicants arriving on the shores of Canada either by Air, Land, or Sea must quarantine for a period of 14 days. Candidates are advised to make provisions for this and should adhere strictly to this regulation. However, there may be some exemptions for essential workers in some situations and circumstances.
  • Candidates arriving in Canada by Air must submit information regarding their travel/contact information, quarantine plan, and Covid-19 self-assessment plans using the ArriveCAN app
  • The Canadian Government has set out a new Immigration plan to allow qualified Asylum seekers who worked or are working in serious healthcare roles during Covid-19 to apply for permanent resident status.
  • Candidates are also advised to secure healthcare coverage before they land in Canada, to help reduce the cost of medical expenses this period.

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