2000 New Spaces Has Been Added Under The Provincial Nominee Programs

On the 12th of March, 2019, the Government of Canada stated that 2,000 extra spaces under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are now available.

This is extraordinary news for temporary international workers as the declaration gives greater probability to the individuals who are qualified to be admitted to Canada as a permanent occupant.

Ahmed Hussein says the spaces under National Occupational Code C are created for expanding more open doors for temporary workers to change to permanent occupants.

He made the declaration by means of an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada public statement on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.


“The Temporary International workers fill occupy and fill-up a long-term labor market needs and add to the development of our economy,” Hussein said.

“We know the need to give chances to them to change to permanent occupants and these extra spaces under the Provincial Nominee Program will do only that.”

These extra spaces will give more chances to existing temporary foreign laborers/workers at the intermediary skilled level (National Occupation Code C) to progress and become permanent occupants, and help to address the labor market issues.

The extra spaces are intended to:

Give a net increment in the total number of temporary foreign laborers/workers who change to become permanent occupants under the Provincial Nominee Program.
Help address provincial work/labor market needs in key areas, as controlled by regions and territories.

Various PNP Option for Temporary Workers

The declaration to upsurge spaces for Canadian PNP’s brings great joy, especially to Canada’s foreign temporary workers. The expansion will permit all the lower and semi-talented temporary workers to make the progress to Canadian permanent residence arrangement with the help of the PNP.

Canada has currently 70 plus, active PNP programs, and streams and they all point to the same direction which permanent residency. With the different provinces and territories seeking different skills and specific job demands, work experience, educational achievements, etc. PNP provides several options for nominations.

Some immigration streams that present temporary international worker/specialists might be the perfect candidate for the BC Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category, Ontario Foreign Workers, and the Prince Edward Island Critical Worker stream.

Through these streams, temporary workers in Canada are offered an improved way to obtain a permanent occupants status, which makes getting an employment offer and newcomer benefits progressively secure.

As the Canadian government pushes ahead with designs to greet more than one million newcomers by 2021, we can hope to see immigration statistics continuously ascending in the coming months. With the present conditions for Canadian immigration as they seem to be, this time might be the best opportunity to start your immigration procedure.


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